Welcome to John Nicolini Designs

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We can move your project through the design and manufacturing process smoothly and efficiently. All of the companies we service demand fast, reliable manufacturing services and they receive exactly that.

Todays manufacturing environment allows us access to tools once reserverd for the elite. With a strong business network, our services are not limited to those tools in house.


Our Services

CAD Design


We utilize 3D CAD to create advanced models and assemblies to proof out concepts. This allows us to quickly visualize designs and make rapid iterations. This leads to better visual communication with the client, allowing projects to be completed on time and within budget. We also create architectural renderings and product concept renderings.



Our customers come from a diverse array of industries. We have the ability to work with metals, wood, plastics, and ceramics to create complex assemblies, lighting products, fixtures, and much more.

Concept Development


Many times a conceptual design has an inherent level of ambiguity not seen until the product or process is undeway. Our rapid design iterations and client feedback bring the final product close as possible to the initial concept.


In / Outsourcing


Need a production run of a product? Let me use my manufacturing network to get your product designed and made fast! From 5 to 10,000, we can guide you through design, material choice, manufacutring, packaging, and distribution.